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Apr. 5th, 2013

Art for Game On!

Game On

Apr. 4th, 2013

Game On

Title: Game On
Editor: Lisa Tepper
Rating: R
Word Count: 6130

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction, set in alternate universe. It is supposed to be a free read, out of which I earn not a single penny. I also do not claim to own the characters, except for the ones originally created.
Summary: Luke Snyder is damn good as a running back on the high school football team. Coach recruits a new full back and the hot hunk Noah Mayer comes into the picture. If Luke hasn't had a complicated life, he is sure to have one now...


As the game was about to begin, we already were in position, waiting for Mike to call out the signals. I was lined up at my usual position, half-back. For this play, the fullback lined up in front of me. Yeah, not the usual formation, but the coach liked to use unusual formation to keep the other side guessing.

But, back to the full back. He stood, bent over granting me the full honor of staring at his sexy rear. The fabric of his tight football pants could barely hold those two globes in them. I shivered, by simply looking at the little skin that peeked out as his jersey was pulled up a bit when he leaned. My mind needed lots of restraining after that to try and not think about him naked. With me. In my bed…

God! I was doing it again!

I swear, it had to be illegal – that guy was so damn hot.

Noah Mayer – the new recruit to our team, who had recently been transferred to Oakdale High. The first time I saw him was in my English class and I had hardly given him a second glance. It would have been better if it had stayed that way. But I wasn’t so lucky. No! I had to walk into the locker room when he was changing. Seeing him shirtless, well … it left me speechless. Imagine a Greek God, that’s how glorious he looked. His lean body had just the right curves and a perfect amount of muscles. He had some killer abs, a testament to all the time he spent in the gym. And did I mention his well-trained ass? Oh yeah, that thing just had me going. Literally. I think I jizzed my pants right then.

Mike shouted the signals and the play began. I watched as Casey snapped the ball, passing it behind from between his legs. Then, he joined the efforts of the other linemen to keep the guys from Westfield High out of the backfield.

The ball ended up in my hands finally and I began to run as fast as I could.

Let me tell you something about me – I'm Luke Snyder and I'm the fastest guy on our team. Why do you think I'm the running back? Well, I wasn’t the tallest on the team – Noah beat everyone in that department, by the way – and my skinny build definitely provided me agility.
Years of practice and my dad’s coaching had made my legs sprint at an extra-ordinary pace and the coach saw that spark in me when I’d tried out. He’d said, patting on my back – “Snyder, you are a sneaky little guy. You’d make wonders if you were on my team.” And he was right! Nine out of eleven game that I’d played in, we won.

So, definitely, people had hopes invested in me and I wasn’t going to let a hot brunette guy ruin it for them.

With a quick glance, I discovered Noah pushing all the defenders out of Mike’s way. His strength was amazing.

I broke a sweat, my groin twitching a bit.

Focus, Luke! I reminded myself and kept running.

But it had already slipped out of my control and before I knew it, I was sniffing the ground. The crowd was howling like wild wolves, the drums were banging and the cheerleaders were being their stupid selves. It only pissed me off.

Much to my added annoyance, Noah had come over to bow down with his hand stretched out for me. I later realized I must have come off rude when I stood up on my own and walked away without acknowledging his presence. Damn! Now my face felt flushed.

The whistle was blown and the game continued. But this time I couldn’t concentrate at all. I didn’t dare look at Noah after that, but really, his presence was enough to stir up things inside my pants.

I ran around the field with the ball like a lost puppy, not knowing what I was doing. This time I couldn’t risk going for a touchdown with all the defenders running behind me. Noah was nowhere in sight either. I heard Mike calling out the signal and quickly looked in his direction, trying to gauge all the risks. Our quarterback was smart enough to do that already and he ran with only one defender following him. Without wasting any more precious seconds, I threw the ball with full force.

And what timing it was!

No sooner did the ball leave my hand than all the bulky guys were on me. In different circumstances that could be a helluva fantasy. But right now, it was anything but a pleasurable moment. My body ached and a grunt left my mouth.

I soon heard the crowd go wild once again and just knew that Mike had earned a touchdown. The big boys slowly started to get off me, cursing under their breath and I felt two strong hands holding me under my armpits. When my eyes registered this, I saw Noah pulling me up to my feet with such ease that I felt like I weighed nothing at all. My back was to him, as I stood. “You ‘kay?” his breathy voice asked me and I nodded almost too hastily. You can’t expect me to think straight with my back sticking so close to his defined body and my ass grinding against his – wait, was he hard?

Tingled by my newfound astonishment, I tried to get away from him as fast as I could. I wasn’t disgusted – no! Far from it… I was more or less shocked by it. What could possibly have turned Noah Mayer on? And during a game?

I shook my head, discerning that probably I was thinking too much about it. Don’t we teens have the weirdest timing to get a boner? Hell, I remember getting one during my otherwise-boring classes or at a pleasant Thanksgiving dinner. Embarrassing as it was, I couldn’t help it. I bet it was the same for Noah and he’d be more mortified now that I had acted like a total jackass to him.

Guilt-ridden, I walked to the position Mike asked me to stand in. Turned out, he hadn’t made the touchdown after all and had been tackled by that one defender alone. But well, we had at least come far into the opponent’s field thanks to him, which was a good sign.
I absently adjusted my hard dick into the tight fabric of my pants as the game resumed and hoped nobody would notice the bulge. Noah took hold of the ball this time and ran. Most of the opponents ran behind him. Mike and I had one opponent each to beware of. So, when Noah threw the ball in my direction, the guy running alongside me stood by blocking me. However, Roger shoved him out of the way and I could finally grab the flying ball without being stopped.

Surprising enough I made the first touchdown, even though at the last minute, the defender, who was previously blocking Mike, caught hold of my leg. But he was too late and the crowd cheered as the ball made it to the place where it belonged. I grinned and looked in the direction where I knew my parents were sitting. My mom had the biggest smile on her face as she looked back at me, while she also said something to the lady sitting beside her. It was surely something along the lines of, “That is my son over there!” Dad was no different. He stood up to applaud, woo-hooing as he screamed, “You go, son!”

With all the attention I was getting from them as well as my team members, my face burned. Noah came over too. He was smiling and I couldn’t help but melt like sweet chocolate. He had the cutest smile, I tell you. “Way to go, Snyder!” he said and briskly walked past me, but not before slapping my butt.

And for a moment, I couldn’t tell where I was! What had just happened? I asked myself over and over again.


The night called for a celebration for our 32-25 victory over the Westfield Pythons and Mike decided that the party was gonna be at his house.

And it was a blast.

Everyone we knew from our school attended the party. There was loud music, dancing, booze and friends! What else would you need? I tagged along with my teammates, who snickered and made fun of the loser Pythons. Roger kept dropping hilarious comments and I couldn’t stop laughing. He was downright funny.

Noah joined us a little bit later. He’d said something about talking to coach and before we all left, Mike had given him directions to his house. When he arrived, our eyes connected and it took quite an effort to hold back the shiver that threatened my body after seeing him.

Drop-dead gorgeous!

While almost everyone from the team had their letterman jackets on, Noah had decided to go with a sexy maroon sweater that he wore. His short hair was left uncombed and I almost reached out to tame those black strands. All the other teammates greeted him with a half-pat-half-hug or at least the dude’s handshake. I settled on giving him a curt nod and just a tiny bit of a smile, like an asshole.

I hated myself for acting that way around Noah. But what could I do? That everlasting spark in his blue eyes left me hypnotized every time I looked his way.

To cope with my inner-whininess, I decided to engage in an active conversation with the other guys. My best buddy, Casey Hughes, was more than happy to include me, as he recited his tale of how he did it with some chick in the backseat of his car. The others were surely quite amused by it, howling and whistling every time Casey said ‘big titties’. Although I listened in with a polite smile on my face, I made a mental note to never ever sit in the backseat of Casey’s car – if at all, never take up on his offer to ride with him.

After a while, I drifted away from the boys and found myself standing outside all by myself. After Casey was done with his story, everyone felt the need to grab some girl or other. The slutty cheerleaders were more than happy, and soon everyone had a girl hanging by their arms – except for Casey, who had managed to lure more than one. That fucker!

I knew what had to come next. Casey or Mike would try to set me up with a girl and I, being the closeted bastard, would play along. I had no courage whatsoever to out myself to the team. Even though my parents were very accepting of me being gay, that didn’t mean everyone else would be. I knew how some of my friends made fun of the GSA club at our school, so I didn’t need an expert to tell me how it would be if I came out to them. Who knows if they would make my life a living hell and then I might have to leave the team – which I definitely don’t wish to do. I loved playing on the team; it was my life! So even though I hated it – I’d have to put on the straight act in front of them.
Ever since Noah Mayer started on the team though, keeping those acts up had become next to impossible.

Seeing him have a fascinating talk with my friend Maddie Coleman, I was burning with envy. I couldn’t let people see me like that, so I decided to come out, breathe in some fresh air for a while and then go back in to tell Mike that I had to leave.

Yes, that sounded like a good plan.

Satisfied, I sipped on the weird mixed drink Mike had made for all of us. He assured that it would stir up things a little bit. After tasting the drink for Mike’s sake, I predicted that by the end of that night, Mike’s floor was sure to be covered in people’s puke. It wasn’t horrible, it was just too strong!

I liked strong, but I promised myself not to drink more than two glasses.

This one was my second, and I sure as hell was feeling a bit relaxed.

So, when Noah followed me out after a couple of minutes, I failed to keep my guard up. “Did you get her number?” I grinned.

Noah appeared to be a bit taken back, then smiled inquisitively. “Who? Maddie?” He gave a deep, throaty laugh and the sound of it aroused me like never before. “No, I was talking to her about something else. She is my lab partner in Chemistry, that’s how I know her.”
“Quite a chemistry you two have got going there,” I mumbled into my cup, as I drained it and tossed it to the side. I leaned back, resting my forearms on the railings.

Our fullback narrowed his eyes at me. “Are you jealous?” he asked and my mouth suddenly went dry, realizing I was busted. Shit! “Listen man! If you like Maddie, she is all yours. I assure you, there’s nothing going on between her and me. Honest!” He crossed his heart and chuckled. “She’s not even my type.”

That gave me relief – more-so to hear that last reply. I didn’t bother clearing out the fact of my relationship with Maddie. Instead, I asked, “So, Noah Mayer, what is your type exactly?”

Noah smirked, coming dangerously close to me as he leaned forward, holding the railing just beside where my arm rested. I could smell the cologne on him, feel the heat radiating from his body and I caught my breath. “You really want to know?”

I stared into his blue eyes. What was in them that tempted me so much, was beyond me. I can’t even begin to tell anyone how deeply they affected me. There was a part of me who didn’t want to tear my gaze off his eyes, just so I wouldn’t miss a certain emotion passing through them.

Right now, there was a hint of naughtiness playing in those sapphire orbs.

Opening my mouth, as I was about to reply, a girl came out of the house, blubbering and Roger was not far behind. Noah stepped back a bit and both of us turned our focus to the couple.

“Brit, can you just stop crying for a minute?” My African-American friend stopped the girl when she tried to walk away.

“I am going to get pregnant. Oh God! My parents will kick me out of the house if that happens!” The blonde girl whipped away some of her tears and angrily shoved at Roger. “You did this to me, you asshole. You screwed me and now … now I…” She looked lost for a second, and then managed to come up with, “I am screwed. Why did you screw me?”

“Because you fucking asked me to, woman!” Roger snapped.

The blonde girl’s mouth turned down into a pout and she started crying again. “I am so getting pregnant!”

“You are not … we used a condom, Brit!” Roger threw his hands up in the air when she ran off once again and looked at me and Noah helplessly. I motioned Roger to go follow her and off he went.

“Damn Roger! I don’t know what he sees in her.” I said, turning to Noah once again.

Noah chuckled. “Brit might not be the brightest of the lot, but she is a keeper.”

“I admit she looks nothing less than a diva but …”

“Oh, I am not talking about her beauty, Luke. Of course, she is beautiful, but that is just an added enhancement. I know Brit from the drama club and she is such a sweet girl, if you get to know her. Her innocence is what gets to you.”

A smile spread across my face. “Is that what’s your type?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. “Sweet and innocent?”

Noah laughed out loud. “I can’t believe you are still on that,” he said, shaking his head and came to stand by my side. “Well, to answer your question, yes, sweet and innocent, that is kind of my type.”

“Who woulda thought?” I chuckled. “You know a lot of people from school, don’t you? Maddie, Brit, our football team … and it has been what like five months since you joined Oakdale High?”

He suddenly looked a bit forlorn and I wondered why. “Yeah, I like to make new friends and people here are nice.”

“People aren’t nice unless you are to them.” I smiled. “So it is really you, Noah. Everyone likes you.”

Noah shook his head. “Not everyone does,” he said. “It seems to me that you don’t like me at all.”

“Wha-” I laughed. “Oh my God! What gave you that silly idea, Noah?”

He stepped away from the railing, trying to look me into the eye. His confusion was seen on his face. “You … I thought …” Noah shook his head again, this time vigorously. “You do realize that this is the longest conversation we have had, right?”

“Hey, that’s not true.” I pointed accusingly at him, because it was not.

He rolled his eyes. “And I’m not talking about the group conversations we’ve had with the guys. God knows it is either on football or hot chicks.” He frowned. “I am talking about you and me. We have never had a decent chat before this, Luke. You always seemed to hate it when I was around and I had no idea why.”

My eyes lowered down in shame. Noah was right; I did treat him like shit all this time. “It’s not that…” I whispered.

“Really? Because whenever I am around you, I feel like I turn invisible or something. I don’t have the slightest idea about why you’d keep ignoring me.”

I snorted, looking up. “Believe me, I wish ignoring you was as simple as that,” I blurted before I knew what I was saying. Guess, the alcohol in my system was making me very bold. “Every time I look at you, I just want to …” I stopped myself.

What was I about to say? That every time I look at him I want to hold him down and kiss him wildly? That was what I wanted, yes. That was what I have been wanting ever since I had seen Noah half-naked in that gym. But is that what Noah wanted too? What if today, in my drunken state, I said something, baring all my secrets to him and Noah felt disgusted?

Better not to say a word, I decided.

“What? Every time you look at me, you just want to what, Luke?” Noah insisted. “Punch me?”

Despite myself, I chortled. “That’s not …”

“You think this is funny?” Noah stepped away from me and grimaced. That was when I actually noticed the rage in his eyes. “Because I fail to see any kind of irony right now. If you don’t feel like punching me, Luke, what is it that you feel?” He held me by my hand and tugged on it. I felt immense pain. “It hurts the way you treat me. I have tried so much not to let it get to me but … fuck Luke! I can’t. I just fucking can’t  … can’t not mean anything to you. Because you, Luke fucking Snyder – you mean so much to me. When I look at you, I see my sweet and innocent in you. You may act like an A- class jerk, but I see the reality in your beautiful eyes. I have…”

“Oh just shut the hell up,” I breathed out and caught him by his shirt to pull him down into a long, passionate kiss. Our lips just stayed there, sucking in life from the other’s mouth for some time. After knowing that Noah wanted me as much as I yearned for him, there was no question of holding anything back. Just the way Noah had let his feelings flow out freely, I was determined to do the same, except Noah had used words and I believed, actions spoke better than words. In my case, they spoke volumes.

The way I had my hands around him, grabbing his bulbous, jean-clad ass, crushing my body against him and rubbing my tightened groin against his, I am sure he got the idea. All the while I sucked his mouth, gnawed at his lips with my teeth and shoved my tongue inside to play with his. My fears had vaporized into thin air and I didn’t give a damn what someone thought of me, in case people walked in on us like that. The only thing I cared about was Noah Mayer and his feelings that I’d been hurting for so long. Now, no more!

I stepped back to look at him. Noah’s blue eyes were filled with lust, hunger for me - exactly what I needed to see on him. Panting for breath, I managed to form a perfect sentence somehow. “Let’s sneak inside and get to Mike’s bedroom upstairs. I know where it is.”

“No, wait,” Noah panicked.

“Yes, right.” I frowned and shook my stupid head. “We don’t want people to get suspicious. But I have my car parked outside.” I smiled a naughty one. “Why don’t we drive somewhere more private? I would love to try it Casey’s way.”

It was supposed to alleviate some of Noah’s anxiety but the worry on his face kept growing by the second. “This wasn’t supposed to happen,” he whispered so softly, that I almost missed it.

“What?” My head jerked back.

“This!” Noah shook his finger between us. “What just happened … it wasn’t supposed to be this way.”

“You aren’t making any sense.” I frowned.

Noah hesitated. “I-I thought if I told you how I feel, you’d get angry with me and hate me more. I thought you were straight, Luke!”

“Well, I’m not. Shouldn’t you be glad about that?”

“No!” He shook his head vehemently as he ran his hand through his dark hair. “This makes it all complicated. It makes it difficult for me to leave.”

I did a double-take. “Lea- what?”

He gave out a sigh and looked at me with some kind of pity. “Luke, I am leaving Oakdale tomorrow.”

“To go where?” I asked, my voice coming out unsteady.

“My dad is in the army and he was called to duty at the military base in Alaska. I am supposed to go with him.”

“Alaska?” I gasped. “B-but that is miles away from here.”

“I know.”

“You can’t go! What about school? You will be missing the whole term.”

“I know,” he repeated, timidly. “But my dad has already enrolled me in one of the schools near the military base. It’s all going to be taken care of.”

“What about football? You are a part of our team, dude!” I stuck my hands under my armpits and shifted my weight.

“Others already know and I talked to the coach too. Everybody understands. Everyone in this party knew I was joining them for the last goodbyes,” Noah said, then quieted down for a while and picked on his shirt nervously. I had run out of things to think of to make him stay. “It was just you, who was left to tell. Honestly, I thought you could care less. This attraction I was feeling towards you for weeks now – I wanted to get that out. I knew I couldn’t leave without telling you about it. In the back of my mind, I guess, I was hoping that you’d be into me too, but for the most part I had made up my mind to gulp down a rejection from you.”

I let my hands drop and stepped closer. Slowly reaching out for his cheek, I gently caressed it. His lowered eyes raised up to look into mine. “Now that you know exactly how I feel about you, what are you going to do?” He shrugged, looking sorrowful. “You don’t have to go, Noah,” I whispered.

“It’s not like I have a choice, Luke. My dad has to go and I am not old enough to make my own choices.”

“You can tell your dad …”

“Everything is set for tomorrow.” He interrupted me and my hand slumped down with discouragement. “Flights are booked, bags are packed and I am destined to go tomorrow.”


“Luke, I am sorry.” He took both of my hands in his and brought them up to his lips. I felt the warm kiss against my skin. “I have to go now. My dad expects me to be home early.”

I nodded. “Do I get a kiss goodbye?”

Noah gave me a sad smile. “I know how awful it seems, but this brief moment we have had was … I don’t know … a little precious moment here – this is going to get me through Alaska.”

“Will you be back?” I asked, a bit hopeful.

“You bet.” He touched my shoulder lightly. “Close your eyes.”


“Because if you keep looking at me like that, I won’t be able to leave tonight,” he replied.

“Then don’t.”

“Close your eyes, Luke and enjoy this last moment as I kiss you.” I did. As soon as his lips touched mine, my heart broke and my arms possessively went around his neck to keep him near me. It wasn’t fair. I had just found him. I was lured into thinking that something beautiful was going to come out of this and now it was being taken away from me. I wish I could do something about it.

I wasn’t the crying type at all, but as soon as Noah caught my hands that were wound around him, my eyes moistened and I shut them tight. Keeping my hands stiff didn’t work. Noah was still stronger than me and he managed to unwind them with ease.

Maybe not with ease, because I could tell by the way that he was kissing that even he didn’t want this moment to end.

But it did. Noah stepped back from the kiss and I heard a soft goodbye.

When I opened my eyes, he was gone and all I was left with was a soul that burnt like some deep, open wound.


One year later …

I wiped the sweat off my brow and looked at the clock. He should be here by now, I thought as I sat idly in the locker room. The game was over, all my teammates had changed and gone. I lingered purposely to stay behind and didn’t even change.

That was the deal, wasn’t it?

A smile spread across my face as soon as he entered - Noah Mayer, all manned up – looking much better than in his pictures. He looked taller than I remembered, though now I was only a couple of inches shorter than him.

“Hey.” We grinned at each other.

“I …”

“Shh” I quickly jumped off the bench and reached for him. “Don’t talk. We have done enough talking over the past year.”

My hands reached under the flannel shirt that he was wearing and I captured his lips hungrily. He laughed into the kiss as I pushed him back to the nearest wall. “God! I have been waiting for this moment for so long.” And that was an unexaggerated truth. I had hardly slept last night, thinking about today, when I was going to finally see Noah after a year.

Unimaginable as it may be, a whole year had passed ever since the night of Mike’s party when we had kissed for the first time.

After Noah left Mike’s house, I couldn’t stay there either. I felt empty – like a part of me had suddenly gone missing from my body. Driving back home dejectedly, I went straight to my room, locked myself in and crashed. It was all I could manage to do.

That night I kept slipping in and out of dreams – dreams that had Noah close to me. Where he hadn’t left with his dad and stayed back just for me; maybe it was the way my mind was coping with the irrationality of my newfound feelings. I had never felt so strongly about Noah before. He had been just a piece of meat to drool after. Then he had kissed me and all my sexual urges had awakened. But it was when he had told me about him leaving town, I discovered my real emotions surfacing regarding the brunette.

The next morning, I woke up feeling useless. I didn’t even feel like getting out of the bed. I simply laid there, wrapped in my sheets and blanked out. After what felt like hours, my mom yelled for me and I exhaled.

I knew I had to move on, but I just wished someone would have told me how.

However, a ray of hope shined upon me when I grabbed my cell phone from the nightstand. There was a message left on my voicemail and my heart skipped a beat when I heard his recorded voice. He told me he was about to board the plane. “It is hard, Luke.” His message continued. “Knowing that we could have had something special …” Then there was silence and I panicked thinking that was the whole message. But I could still hear the announcements at the airport in the background and realized Noah must have taken a moment to collect his thoughts. “I want to make this work. It’s pathetic, I know, being so far away from each other … but I don’t want to end it like this. So, please call me when you get this and we can try and talk it out.”

And that’s what we did. I called him immediately. It was noon and his flight had just landed in Alaska. He sounded perky on the other end and that made me smile. We talked on and off all day and finally decided we would try to maintain a long distance relationship.

At first, it was weird – not being able to touch him or kiss him or do anything physical with him. However, slowly but surely, as days passed by, it became a routine thing. We would Skype the entire evening, telling each other how our day was. Noah hated his new school, but he had learnt to accept it. So, most of the time, he was bitching about that. Not that we didn’t have our ups and downs – it was worse when either of us had absolutely no time to talk to each other and the other would get mad, (okay, the sulky bitch was mostly me, I admit!), but we realized after a while how difficult it was to be angry with each other. So, whatever it was that I was complaining about, we wound up talking it out.

There were so many cons to having a long distance relationship. That’s why when Noah decided he was coming down to see the big game tonight. I was pleased, excited and nervous all at the same time! It was finally happening – the day we meet again. I’d been planning this for so long and when it had come, I had no clue how to act.

Should I take him out for a candlelit dinner? Or should we just go on a simple date and talk?

It was romantic, but it was not what I wanted that badly. What I wanted was what I was doing right now.

The shirt was off; my jersey was gone too. Skin to skin, muscles to muscles, we swayed to rub each other’s body. I flushed at my sweaty physique, but Noah didn’t seem to mind. “Damn Luke! You looked so hot playing on the field.”

“Were you watching me all that time? You perv!” I teased, as I pinched his hard nipples.

He moaned. “You bet I was.” His voice sounded very sexy when he said that.

Noah tugged at the strings of my football pants. His fingers kept brushing against my semi-hard member as he did that. He smiled up at me wickedly and I realized it wasn’t such an accidental brush.

“Jesus Christ!” I heard a loud voice and I knew it wasn’t Noah’s or mine.What the hell did I walk in to?”

We both looked up to see Casey standing by the door, with his hand covering his eyes.

“There’s nothing going on in here that you haven’t done yourself,” I giggled and went back to kissing my boyfriend’s neck. “God knows you are the most sinful of the lot.”

That one night, a year ago had changed everything for me. It turned out some girl had seen Noah and I kissing outside Mike’s house and had ratted it out to the whole school.  My whole world came crashing down as I was forced out of closet, and people whom I used to consider my friends began to drift away from me. Noah had tried to be there for me, for the most part, but other than him, the one person who stood strongly by my side was Casey. He defended me, even using his fist whenever it was needed. I don’t know what I would have done, had it not been for him.

Noah laughed. “Hey Case. It’s good to see… ah-” He gasped as soon as my hand slipped down his jeans and grabbed his tool.

“I wish I could say the same about you.” Casey grumbled and attempting to walk inside with his eyes closed. He quickly went towards his locker, searched for his jacket and turned to walk out. When he came to stand beside us, Noah and I had to stop kissing and had to give him the glare. “I am fucking happy for you Luke, now that Mayer is here. But that is pretty disgusting.” He pointed at my hand inside Noah’s jean and scrunched his nose.

“Not to me, dude! It is the most heavenly thing to me,” I said, looking briefly at Noah, meaning those words. Being able to touch him now, made me the happiest guy on Earth. I turned to look at Casey and teased, “And we haven’t even gotten started yet. You are welcome to watch the rest of the show.”

Casey’s mouth went round and his eyes wide, as he stared at me in disbelief. Then, he shook his head. “Snyder, you are gonna pay for this,” he said and walked out with a mortified look on his face.

“We’ll see.” I called out behind him. Noah continued to laugh and I smiled, looking up at him. “Look at you, you are so happy.” I trailed kisses down his defined jaw-line.

“I am. Aren’t you?”

“I sure am.” We kissed. “But you are … I don’t know … it feels like there’s more to your happiness. Am I missing something?”

“Remember, I told you about a surprise?”

I nodded. “Well, you came here. That is the best surprise I could ever get in my life.”

“Oh, you just haven’t heard the best part.” He grinned and snaked both of his hands around my waist. My hands automatically went to wind around his neck, while my mind mulled over what this was all about. “Yesterday after we talked, I went through my mail and saw this official letter with Northwestern University’s logo on it.”

“And?” My heart raced, feeling my nerves tensing up. “You got accepted?”

Noah nodded with pride. “With a full scholarship. My dad was so proud of me.”

“Oh my God, Noah!” I cupped his face and grinned widely as I kissed him. “We have been talking about this for so long and it’s finally happening! I am so damn proud of you too.”

“You know what this means, right?” Noah pinched one of my butt cheeks, getting a gasp out of me. He leaned down to whisper into my ear. “It means I will only be a few hours’ drive away from you. After this long wait …”

He let the sentence hanging and kissed me on the cheek. “Oh, Noah!” I turned my head to stare at his delicious lips. “You were worth waiting for. But I am not letting you get away from me again.”

He teased my lips with his. “I am not going anywhere,” he said, rubbing our noses together. “From now on, I belong to you and you to me!”

Aug. 11th, 2011

ART MASTERPOST: Curtain Call (Nuke BigBang 2011)

Title: Curtain Call
Author(s): own_creations
Artist: own_creations
Characters/Pairings: Luke/Noah
Link to Story Master Post: CURTAIN CALL 

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Aug. 8th, 2011


Title: Someone called Soulmate
Author: own_creations
Artist: noelleleithe
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The author of the fan fiction does not, in any way, profit from the story and all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creators - CBS and ATWT; others originally created and the plot are the sole property of own_creations
Characters/Pairings: Luke/Noah, Lily, Holden, Faith, Natalie, Ethan, Aaron, Jessica(original) and other original characters.
Word Count: 16319
Warnings: M/M Sex, Natural Calamity, Death, a bit AU
Spoilers: None
Summary: Post-Finale => Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer are two people with a history. Fate brings them together after living some years away from each other in a beautiful place "Arkansas".
The boys come face to face however happening to witness a devastating calamity ready to claim their lives. Will this be the end or will they discover their love all over again?
Author’s Notes: I so didn't expect I would have finished this on time LOL I was with only 1000 words or so written by 13th of July but then I geared up, was never possible without the encouragement all of my friends gave me, special mentions would be Sarah, Aparna, Josse, Andrew, Elena and many others. And most of all was my most beloved friend Daan. She is such a mindblowing friend, kept me going through all odds. Also did the beta reading for the story. So whatever I say would never be enough to show my gratitude to her.
My amazing sister Elena and my new friend Lisa took great efforts in making the story flawless. Hugs and kisses to you both!
Of course not forgetting the most talented Shannon. Check out the artwork she made for the story guys!! It's really beautiful :D
Thank you to the BB mods :D This challenge was really fun. Great patience you guys have!
Link to Art Master Post: RIGHT HERE

Click on the links to read the story:

PROLOGUE   []    PART 1    []    PART 2    []    PART 3    []    PART 4    []    PART 5    []    THE AFTERMATH

Someone called Soulmate - Prologue






Noah raced down the hallway crammed full with distressed people like him, bumping into someone or the other while he looked around the place. His clothes were drenched that stuck closely hugging his pale, freezing skin. The brunette’s body trembled but he couldn’t bother about that right now.


His feet changed their track as he moved into another hospital wing. To add more trouble for him, this wing was more populated, making it impossible for Noah to find hospital personnel. Not able to see a trace of any nurse or a doctor there, he moved out as quickly as he came. His gaze fell over the million people surrounding the reception area.


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Someone called Soulmate - Part 1






Arkansas – This beautiful place had always been closely connected to Luke’s life. Things always seemed to just happen for him there, good or bad.

There were many memories attached to the place, like how he spent some blissful days of vacations with his family there. He remembered coming to this place every other year till he came out. But, things changed after that and Arkansas was long forgotten. Out of the blue, Holden came up with a plan to visit this place a few days ago and that is how they ended up here.


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Someone called Soulmate - Part 2






Luke suddenly felt nervous as he arrived at the party. Aaron and the girls accompanied him while Lily and Holden stayed back with sick Ethan. The little boy had an upset stomach from something he ate on the way. They were worried about him and they didn’t want to leave him.


The party was nothing different from the usual parties it seemed, although this one was in the open under the blue night sky. Campfires were lit and people stood and sat around them – talking, smoking, drinking and some even dancing to the beat of some random songs being played. There was a music system set up for that purpose and bright lights.


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Someone called Soulmate - Part 3






Both the boys lay snuggling inside the sleeping bag. They were still naked, enjoying the feel of each other’s skin. With Luke’s head on his chest, Noah could feel his lover’s steady breathing tickling him. His hand was busy playing with Luke’s blonde tousled hair while his head rested over the other.


Noah looked down at him and wondered what Luke was thinking at that moment. He had been gravely quiet and anxiety burned inside Noah because of it. Taking a risk by breaking the silence, he confessed, “I missed you so much, Luke.”


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Someone called Soulmate - Part 4






They were still quite shaken by what they had experienced. A life had withered away in front of them and they couldn’t do a thing. Noah was more than depressed by it. After that encounter, Luke never left his side. He kept holding him closer as they walked. Fear had started to form in them now though.


“I hope everyone is safe.” Luke mumbled thinking about his family.


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Someone called Soulmate - Part 5








Noah quickly sat up, awaking with a start. His forehead was covered with sweat and he was shivering in the fear of what he had experienced. Was it just a nightmare? He wondered with relief. That means Luke is alright and everything is normal.


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